Europe’s Best Taxi Apps for Solo Female Tourists – Reviewed

    Exploring Europe’s best taxi apps reveals a landscape where safety and affordability intersect, particularly for solo female traveler.

    Sharing a ride with app taxi

    In the realm of solo female travel, safety and affordability are paramount. This guide delves into European taxi apps, tailored for the solo female traveler, blending security with cost-effectiveness. Highlighting services like Bolt, known for its wide European presence and commitment to convenience and safety, and Cabify, renowned in Spain for its licensed fleet and customer-first approach. Also featured are Free Now and, offering extensive networks across Europe. For those prioritizing eco-friendly options, shared rides and comprehensive public transit planning apps like CityMapper present viable alternatives. This article merges practical advice with a focus on safety, ensuring solo travelers navigate Europe with confidence.

    Bolt Taxi

    Bolt ( Best Taxi Apps )

    • Bolt (Europe, Africa) – Bolt.Eu
      • Bolt, Recognized As A Leading Mobility Service In Europe, Offers A Range Of Services To Ensure Safe, Reliable, And Convenient Transportation For Everyone, Including Women. Although The Information Directly Related To Features Specifically Designed For Women’s Safety In Europe Was Not Found, Bolt’s General Commitment To Safety And Convenience Can Be Highlighted. Bolt Is Described As An All-In-One Mobility App, Providing Top-Rated Driver Services, Scooters, And Even Food Delivery Across Multiple Cities Worldwide .
      • In Malta, For Example, Bolt Offers A Variety Of Services Including Bolt Rides, Bolt Food, Bolt Drive For Car Rentals, And Bolt Micromobility For Eco-Friendly Scooters And Bikes. This Range Of Services Is Tailored To Provide Convenience And Reliability For All Users, Including Safety-Conscious Female Passengers.
      • Bolt Operates In Numerous Cities Across Europe, Including Major Destinations In Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, And More, Emphasizing Its Extensive Network And Accessibility Across The Continent .
    Map of the countries where you can call Bolt
    Map of the countries where Bolt is present

    In the app there is an option to select female driver, if it s avalible, less than 10% are female driver, but here is the steps :

    Pick a Female Driver

    When ordering a ride, you have the option to select a preferred driver from the list of drivers located nearby. To see the list of available drivers:

    • Choose the preferred category
    • Tap on it to see the category information and price details
    • Press the Select a driver button
    • Confirm the pickup location on the map
    • Select a preferred driver you would like to order a ride with.

    Beat (Latin America, Europe) – Wikipedia : Beat APP
    A Ride-Hailing Service Available In Latin America And Parts Of Europe, Focusing On Providing Rides Through A Mobile App.

    cabify taxi


    • Cabify (Spain, Portugal, Latin America) – Cabify.Com
      Operates In Spain, Portugal, And Latin American Countries, 7 Countries And More Than 40 Cities Around The World. Providing Ride-Hailing Services With A Focus On Quality And Safety. Available In Spain, Including Madrid And Barcelona, Cabify Is Known For Its Licensed Fleet, Clean Vehicles, And Excellent Customer Service, Including Perks Like Water And Free WiFi .
    Cabify appp
    Interface of the Cobify app

    The app Comes a safety button ,

    How does the safety button work?

    The safety button allows you to access your all your safety features instantly during a journey. You’ll find it (the shield icon) in the top right of your screen when you’ve started a journey.

    Press it to find 3 options:

    1. Add a ‘Trusted Contact’ to receive automatic SMS updates on your journey. They don’t need to have the Cabify app.
    2. Share your journey progress with a friend so they can see, in real-time, the route your vehicle is taking.
    3. Contact the local emergency services immediately. If you do so, Cabify will also be notified automatically and will get in contact with you. This is only to be used in emergencies.

    From Cabify website



    • Free Now (Europe) – Free-Now.Com
      Available In Europe, Offering A Wide Range Of Services From Traditional Taxis To Modern Ride-Hailing. Active In Over 100 Cities Across Europe, This App Connects Users With 100,000 Registered Taxi Drivers. It Offers Features Like Pre-Booking And Licensed Drivers, Though Its App Performance And Driver Reliability Can Sometimes Be Inconsistent.

    Just in case :
    Need to talk about an incident , here is the link Speak up! it s completely anonymous.
    – How to report a lost item in Free now taxi; here is the link

    • : europe –  
      Taxi is currently represented in 9 European countries: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Denmark and Spain. In more than 160 cities you can order your taxi with the free Taxi-App. The headquarters of FMS Systems GmbH / is located in Vienna.


    • Via (USA, Europe) – Ridewithvia.Com
      Offers Shared Rides In The US And Europe, Focusing On Reducing Urban Congestion. Same Owner Of Citymapper
    • Addison Lee: A premium car service in London with vetted drivers and a range of vehicles, ideal for longer trips or special occasions. It’s not the cheapest option but offers a high-quality service.
    • Chauffeur Privé (Kapten): Offers a luxury car service in Paris with over 18,000 drivers. It’s a great alternative to Uber, providing professional drivers and a user-friendly app.
    • G7: Paris’s original taxi booking app with the largest fleet and features like pre-booking and English-speaking drivers. However, ride quality may vary compared to other services.
    • LeCab: Another Parisian private driver service offering fixed fares, high-end cars, and a great ride experience, though availability can be limited.

    Best Taxi Apps 
    In Western Europe,

    some of the best taxi and transportation apps you can rely on include:

    • Free Now: This is known as Europe’s most popular taxi app, operating in over 100 cities across the continent. It offers a wide selection of licensed taxi drivers and the ability to pre-book rides. The app’s interface might be a bit clunky at times, but it provides a solid option for safe and reliable transportation.
    • Uber: A widely recognized rideshare app, Uber is available in many cities across Western Europe. It provides a convenient way to book rides, although pricing may include surge charges during peak times. Uber’s availability can vary depending on local regulations.
    • BlaBlaCar: While not a traditional taxi app, BlaBlaCar offers a unique ridesharing service that connects drivers with passengers looking to travel in the same direction. It’s a great option for longer journeys and is often more affordable than other forms of transportation.

    These apps provide a range of options depending on your needs, whether you’re looking for a quick city taxi ride or planning a longer journey across countries in Western Europe. Always check the app for the most current information on availability and pricing in your specific location.

    Best Taxi Apps for Central Europe,

    For travelers seeking taxi apps in Central Europe, you have a variety of reliable options to ensure a smooth and convenient travel experience. Among the popular choices are:

    1. Free Now: Extensively used across Europe, Free Now is known for its user-friendliness and ensures that you are traveling with a licensed cab. It’s a great option for late-night travels, allowing you to see the estimated cost upfront and offers the flexibility of booking cabs up to four days in advance.
    2. Cabify: Another widely used app, Cabify offers competitive rates and ensures easy booking. It provides the option to connect with the driver directly and allows you to set your preferences for a personalized ride experience. Cabify also offers the choice of booking either a VTC (vehicle with a private driver) or a regular taxi through their app .
    3. Bolt: Available in several cities, Bolt is known for its large fleet of drivers, short wait times, and high standards for vehicle and driver safety. It’s preferred among expats and locals alike for its efficiency and reliability .

    Each app has its unique features and benefits, from Free Now’s eco-friendly initiatives to Cabify’s customizable ride options and Uber’s widespread availability. Depending on your specific needs and preferences, you might find one of these apps more suitable for your travels in Central Europe.

    Best Taxi Apps for Eastern Europe

    For taxi and ride-sharing options in Eastern Europe, particularly focusing on Georgia as an example, you have several apps to choose from that ensure safety, reliability, and convenience.

    1. Bolt: Formerly known as Taxify, Bolt operates in several Georgian cities including Tbilisi, Batumi, Kutaisi, and more. It’s popular for its user-friendly interface, reliable service, and broad fleet of vehicles, which translates to shorter wait times. Bolt enforces high standards for vehicles and driver safety, and also offers good customer support.
    2. Yandex Taxi (Yandex Go): Merged with Uber in Georgia, Yandex Go is known for its excellent mapping and navigation system, providing clear maps and easy-to-use features. It tends to be slightly cheaper than Bolt but has faced criticism regarding data security and the quality of some drivers and vehicles.
    3. Taxi Maxim: This app is notable for its availability in over ten cities across Georgia, offering the ability to schedule rides in advance. It’s a good choice in smaller cities where other apps might have a limited presence .

    It’s important to note the preferences and recommendations for travelers in these areas, especially in terms of choosing apps like Bolt for their reliability and safety features. Each app has its unique set of advantages, whether it’s Bolt’s extensive fleet and high standards, Yandex Go’s sophisticated mapping system, or Taxi Maxim’s broad coverage in smaller cities.

    When using these services, especially in Tbilisi, it’s advised to avoid taking taxis directly from the airport or major bus and train stations due to the risk of overcharging. Apps provide a more secure and reliable way to book rides, with set prices and the removal of any language barrier issues. For more detailed insights and experiences, exploring individual reviews and comparing prices and services offered by each app will be beneficial

    Good read : is Uber Safe in USA Today?

    Another useful app, Non Taxi.

    1. BlaBlaCar (International) –
      A carpooling service operating across South America, Greece, Mexico, connecting drivers with passengers for shared rides. it belog to
      free now.
    2. Eurostar: While not a taxi app, Eurostar offers train travel across major European cities and is praised for its speed, comfort, and environmental friendliness.
    3. DB Navigator: Focused on Germany and neighboring countries, this app is great for planning and booking train travel, offering detailed timetables, real-time updates, and ticket booking .
    4. Bike Share Buddy: Supports eco-friendly travel by helping users find available bikes at sharing stations across various European cities, providing real-time updates and secure payment options .
    5. CityMapper: Offers detailed public transportation planning across numerous European cities, integrating data from various modes of transport to provide efficient travel routes .
    6. Trainline: A comprehensive app for train travel in Europe, offering information on schedules, routes, and prices for various railway networks, along with the convenience of digital ticketing .

    Before writing this article, I paused to consider if there were better alternatives. An eco-friendly choice would relegate taxis to a last resort, especially since Europe is well connected and the continent is committed to investing in renewable energy and new electric transportation options.

    Regarding safety, taking a regular taxi in Western Europe, such as in Spain, can be as good a choice as using an app. Taxis are regulated by city and governmental entities, adhering to more reliable standards and screening than merely profit-driven apps.

    My Personal Opinion

    To be an Uber Driver is simple, fill out a form, scan the documents ID or Passport and Uber will do their security check, you are a permitter to drive, and if there is training it will be online, as a business is perfect, but when it comes to taking a ride solo after midnight, in a city I don’t know much about, I will really pass. and plan ahead.

    Quality is determined by customers’ feedback which is what shapes safety, and to personally is enough and it’s not right. I will pick a shared right if it’s an emergency and in my city, where I speak the language and I know all the roads, and I’m sure someone will ask about me 15 min after I arrive home. not to scare you, but I hate something bad would happen to anyone.

    Non-European Taxi App Alternatives

    • Bykea (Pakistan) – Bykea.Com
    • Co-Op Ride (New York City) – Coopride.Coop
    • DiDi 99 (Brazil) – 99app.Com
    • Gojek (Indonesia) – Gojek.Com
    • Grab (Southeast Asia) – Grab.Com
    • InDrive (Global) – Indriver.Com
      A Global Ride-Hailing Service That Allows Riders And Drivers To Negotiate Fares.
    • KakaoTaxi (South Korea) – Kakaocorp.Com/Service/KakaoT
    • Lyft (USA, Canada) – Lyft.Com
    • Ola Cabs (India, Australia, New Zealand, UK) – Olacabs.Com
    • Pathao (Bangladesh) – Pathao.Com
    • PickMe (Sri Lanka) – Pickme.Lk
    • Snapp (Iran) – Snapp.Ir
    • Swvl (Middle East, Africa, Pakistan) – Swvl.Com
      Specializes In Shared Bus Rides, Operating In The Middle East, Africa, And Pakistan.
    • TAPSI (Iran) – Tapsi.Ir
    • Uber (Global) – Uber.Com
      The World’s Leading Ride-Hailing Service, Operating In Numerous Countries Across All Continents.
    • Careem (Middle East, Africa, South Asia) – Careem.Com
      Acquired By Uber, Operates As A Ride-Hailing Service In The Middle East, Africa, And South Asia.
    • Waymo (USA) – Waymo.Com
    • Wingly (Europe) – Wingly.Io
      A Flight-Sharing Service That Connects Private Pilots With Passengers Across Europe.
    • Yandex.Taxi (Russia, CIS) – Taxi.Yandex.Com
    • Yourdrive (New Zealand) – Yourdrive.Co.Nz
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