Underrated Summer Travel Ideas 🇪🇺 for the Solo Female Traveler

    Looking for underrated summer travel ideas that steer clear of the crowded tourist traps? You’re in the right place. This guide is crafted specifically for solo female travelers from North America, aiming to unveil the world’s hidden gems that promise both exhilarating adventures and utmost safety.

    Embarking on a summer adventure doesn’t always mean flocking to the most popular spots that everyone’s Instagram feed has made all too familiar. For the solo female traveler seeking to weave her own path through less-trodden trails, this guide is for you. Let’s dive into five European underrated summer travel ideas that promise both safety and serenity, allowing you to discover the world’s hidden gems in comfort.

    map of europe made out of wood vacation planning craft
    map of europe made out of wood vacation planning craft

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    The Azores, Portugal:
    A Hidden Gem for Your Summer Adventure

    Islet of Vila Franca do Campo, Azores, Portugal
    Islet of Vila Franca do Campo, Azores, Portugal

    A volcanic archipelago in the middle of the Atlantic, the Azores is where you can truly escape the summer crowds. The islands offer an unmatched blend of outdoor adventures, from bathing in natural hot springs to whale watching and exploring crater lakes. Safety is paramount in the Azores, with a close-knit community vibe and helpful locals making solo travel here a breeze. The Azores epitomize the essence of underrated summer travel ideas, providing a tranquil yet thrilling escape.

    Ljubljana, Slovenia:
    An Underrated Summer Destination

    View of Ljubljana Castle standing on Castle Hill above downtown Ljubljana, Slovenia.
    View of Ljubljana Castle standing on Castle Hill above downtown Ljubljana, Slovenia.

    This Slovenian capital exudes charm and safety, making it an ideal spot for solo female travelers. Ljubljana’s café culture, riverside aesthetics, and pedestrian-friendly streets invite leisurely exploration. The city’s green initiatives and the local population’s warmth towards visitors reinforce the feeling of security while wandering its art-laden paths. Here, solo travelers can immerse themselves in a blend of historical grandeur and contemporary art, illustrating why Ljubljana is a must-visit on any underrated summer travel list.

    Exploring Plovdiv, Bulgaria:
    Summer’s Best-Kept Secret

    Aerial view of City of Plovdiv, Bulgaria
    Aerial view of City of Plovdiv, Bulgaria

    As one of the oldest cities in Europe, Plovdiv is a cultural time capsule where ancient Rome meets Bulgaria’s youthful spirit. Its safety, coupled with its affordability and rich history, makes Plovdiv an enticing proposition for those seeking solitude and cultural enrichment. The city’s old town, Roman amphitheatre, and vibrant street art scene provide a backdrop for an unforgettable solo journey.

    The Isle of Skye, Scotland:
    A Tranquil Summer Escape

    Talisker Bay on the Isle of Skye
    Talisker Bay on the Isle of Skye

    Renowned for its rugged landscapes and fairy-tale castles, the Isle of Skye is a sanctuary for nature lovers. Solo travelers can safely navigate the island’s mystical landscapes, from the Quiraing to the Fairy Pools. The welcoming nature of the locals, combined with the sheer beauty of the landscapes, ensures a memorable and secure experience for those exploring alone.

    Gdańsk, Poland:
    Your Next Summer Discovery

    Aerial view of Gdansk at night
    Aerial view of Gdansk at night

    With its rich maritime history and picturesque Old Town, Gdańsk offers a unique blend of past and present, making it a fascinating stop for solo travelers. The city’s safety, accessibility, and the friendly demeanor of its residents ensure a hassle-free exploration. From the European Solidarity Centre to leisurely strolls along the Motława River, Gdańsk is a testament to the charm and resilience of underrated summer destinations.


    Embarking solo on summer travels is a thrilling way to discover not just the world but oneself. These underrated destinations offer the perfect blend of adventure, culture, and safety, making them ideal for female travelers from North America seeking a unique and serene summer experience. Remember, the most memorable trips are often found off the beaten path, where the magic of discovery awaits at every turn. So pack your bags, embrace the spirit of adventure, and set off to create unforgettable summer stories.

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